Investor Relations

Annual Report 2022

Changes. If there were one word to sum up the world in 2022, it would be this word. The economy, climate, pandemic, and geopolitical situation are all causing unprecedented shifts. Global harvests and complex supply chains at CLAAS are also affected, of course. The company is systematically striving to deploy technology and its passion for agriculture to produce the best possible crop. It’s a task that will only become more important in years to come.

Capital market

Funding decisions are a central part of our corporate strategy, as the basis for ongoing successful growth. As a family business which also looks to the capital markets, we are able to play a pioneering role. In the same way as a listed corporation, CLAAS uses the capital market to fund long-term projects. But as a family-owned business, we not forced to focus on quarterly earnings figures, but can rather base our decisions on value enhancement in the longer term.

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